Google Passage Ranking Live In US English Search Results

Google Passage Ranking Live In US English Search Results

Google confirmed that passage ranking now live in US English search results. it can have a 7% impact on search queries – so this might feel like a big update. Before moving to this update let’s see what Google passage ranking is. 

What is passage ranking?

 There are some specific searches whose results are available in the very deep of web pages. In other words, you can say that while searching long search queries or sentences its results are available in some part of the content or some line of the web page. Now Google also considered this type of results which are present in the part of the sentence. Google confirms that 7% will affect search queries to this update. Here is Google’s announcement that this is live:

We need to consider it

Google confirmed this update you have to consider it.  As this update is now Rolling in English search results of us so it is important to check the keyword position of the websites to know if it has fluctuated or somewhat results are being different.  Please do not make any hurry to update your web page content In terms of SEO regarding this update. Just keep an eye on your website keyword ranking and if any fluctuations. there then create your plan accordingly. 

Danny Sullivan said on Twitter that passage ranking went live “about two hours after” I asked about it. Danny shared “passage ranking launched yesterday afternoon Pacific Time for queries in the US in English. It will come for more countries in English in the near future, then to other countries and languages after that. We’ll update this thread as those further launches happen.”

Important Point

You cannot see Google passage ranking in search results; they don’t look any different, they likely do not have the scroll-to-text feature because Google has said they won’t look or behave different from the other search result snippets.

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