Top 5 Ways to Audit Your Ecommerce Site’s SEO

Top 5 Ways to Audit Your Ecommerce Site’s SEO

Various digital marketers are looking for the best way to optimize their e-commerce site in terms of SEO values. Optimization of an e-commerce site is important to maximize website traffic and generate revenue. It is also to improve and enhance website SEO structure that will be easy for Google to understand. A recent survey shows that around 40% of e-commerce traffic comes to the web by organic searches. Therefore SEO plays a crucial role in promoting the website on search engines. Let’s explore a few ways which are essential for the audit of an e-commerce site’s SEO.

  1. Sitelinks – Google states that sitelinks of the structured website is an important factor which is easy for the user to navigate and find the information on the web through relevant sitelinks . it also improved CTR (click-through rate ) which shows user interest and engagement for your website .

There are various benefits of structuring your website for sitelinks. It enables breadcrumbs and a sitelink search box. the website structure will also be clear for the user to understand. a great advantage of using anchor text for your internal links.

2. Meta Tags – It is important to optimize the meta tags of each page of the website. The meta title and descriptions are the main factors that Google reflects in its results. If you have a large number of pages on your site, it is better to start optimizing them with relevant meta tags. Writing a relevant and unique meta description for each page increases CTR of the website.

3. Keywords – Keywords are everything for SEO. But it will be more effective if the placement of the keywords is perfect. It is important to include keywords strategically so that Google will know what keywords you are targeting. The keywords are of various types like broad, exact, and phrase but it mostly depends on how you set up your keywords on the website in their exact position.

4. Website Speed –  The website speed should have a loading time of under 4 seconds. Speed optimization is very important to make your website effective in the eyes of search engines. Google is confirming that website loading time will become a ranking factor for the next era in the digital age. There are many ways you can do to improve your page speed, like get a better hosting service, exclude large unimportant scripts or elements from your site, etc. You can check PageSpeed Insights from Google to determine what elements on your page are slowing down speed.

5. Content –  Content is a king. This universal fact in SEO is applicable everywhere. For an e-commerce site, you should have proper content on the pages, products, and categories. The content should be informative, relevant, and to the point. It should reflect the correct information, especially on the product pages. 

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