Top Free Google Tools for SEO Performance

Top Free Google Tools for SEO Performance

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There are multiple tools available on the web for analysing SEO performance. Some tools are free and some are paid. It is important to have the tools to check where your website stands on the web in terms of performance, traffic, user expectations, etc. The most well known free tools of Google for measuring and evaluating SEO performance are Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager. Let’s explore their importance one by one – 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a web analytics free tool offered by Google which  tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. It was launched in 2005. In one word you can say, Google Analytics shows User Behaviour of the website on the web. Now this behaviour tracks all website traffic, conversions, user engagement, etc. 


Google Analytics Insights

Its insights are very large. One can learn and analyze Google Analytics only if he has done research, analyzes analytics behaviour for different niches of business and has an idea of customer behaviour, trends and purchasing ability. Let us see a few main insights which are used for SEO evaluation.

Acquisition – In the Acquisition column, you can view and analyze the traffic source coming on to the website. The traffic source can be from different channels like Organic, Referral, Direct, Paid, Social, Display, Paid Search, (Other). For SEO, Organic channel is the most important factor through which users are coming to the website by typing search query on google. This query is nothing but a keyword which identifies your website on Google on the basis of its defined algorithm and parameters.


You can check the Sessions, Users and New Users which are visiting your website through Organic Channel. For conversions, Revenue , Transactions and Ecommerce Conversion Rate can be checked and tracked. 

Conversions – In this section , we can review the goals and conversions tracked from the website can be seen.  The goals are always created on the destination page. Suppose after filling contact us form on the website, when it is successfully  submitted, then it will have some destination page like thankyou.php, etc. On those pages, goals can be created and will be tracked through Google Analytics


In the same way, total organic revenue and transactions can be tracked from Conversions column. You will find the revenue in Ecommerce sections where we can see the checkout process, product performance, revenue and many other relevant factors. The funnel visualization process can be evaluated under the goal section where we can check the customer behaviour and flow for purchasing the products.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console was previously known as Google Webmaster  which is basically to check, analyze and  validate website performance on Google.  404 pages, 503 server error pages can be detected from here. Search  queries with impressions, clicks, average ctr (click through rate) and average position for the website can be very helpful for analyzing the search keywords for the website.

Performance – The Performance report shows essential metrics about how the website performs in SERP, how often it comes up; through average position in search results; click through rate; and any specific features (such as rich snippet results) associated with your results. 

Coverage – In this report, you can view the indexing state of all URLs that Google has visited, or tried to visit, in your property. The summary page shows the results for all URLs in your property grouped by status (error, warning, or valid) and specific reason for that status (such as Submitted URL not found (404), soft 404, 503, server error).

Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager is a free tool offered by Google that allows you to manage and deploy marketing tags (snippet code, tracking pixels) on your website (or mobile app) without interfering with the source code on the website.


There are multiple tags available on google tag manager which you can create as per the need of the website marketing. Let’s see a few tags which can be used in terms of tracking SEO performance.

Events – We can create an event on various buttons available on the website that can be tracked in Google Analytics. For that, you have to define variables and after that, you have to create tags that define various events and can be tracked when Google tag manager in the preview section when fired and triggered.

gtm customization

Customization Tags – You can create customization on the website by updating it through tags for various optimizations like rich snippet, images, etc.

So these are are the free Google tools that are very essential in not only SEO performance but also for digital marketing campaigns.

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