Voice Search SEO – Keyword Optimization

Voice Search SEO – Keyword Optimization

Voice Search becomes quite common today . It is basically the voice assistant command given to search engines and it gives result stored in its database as per relevancy . There are few factors which are necessary for website to be updated in terms of voice search optimization.

Https– The website should be visible in https (secure hyper text transfer protocol). However it is basically necessity for all website to be optimized in https form.

Domain Authority – For voice search result, the website should also have high DA as much as possible . To get high DA the website should have quality backlinks  and must be optimized in all aspects of SEO.

Loading Time – The website should have loading time under 5 sec. Otherwise no user will visit your website and chances of bounce rate increases .

Content – The content is the most important for any website to get marketing.  It makes easier for the user to get solution of their search queries.

Local seo and long tail keywords – For voice search, local seo is important and people try to use services near around them. Also they use long tail queries to get result.

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